Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Fire Suppression


Wasco's Fire Suppression Mechanical Switch  and Pressure Sensor Solution Features:                                                 Fire Suppression System                        

  • Brass for less demanding indoor environments
  • Stainless Steel for harsh outdoor environments
  • UL Certifications to shorten system development time (UL353, UL508, UL753 Coming Soon)
  • Customers have certified our Pressure Switch series to FM Standards
  • Wide temperature environments
  • Multiple Mechanical Pressure Points factory set to eliminate field issues
  • Multiple Voltage Inputs and Outputs available in the Pressure Sensor
  • Customization available to include new mechanical fitting and electrical connection options
  • Cost Effective, High Quality


 Vehicle Suppression

Wasco's staff is extremely knowledgeable with the rigors of the Fire Suppression market providing hundreds of thousands of switches to this market and has developed multiple customized solutions to the industry.

From Redundant Wires to 1/2"NPT Conduit to Integrated Connectors, Wasco can engineer your next solution.




P6 Box       P7 WebBox Manual Reset Brass Cost Effective
P10 Stainless UL508          P11 WebBox Manual Reset SS Body Cost Effective

P12 - UL753 Certified

  • Auto Reset Series
  • Available Now
  • Data Sheet Coming Soon
  • UL753 Certification 1st Quarter 2016




Wasco's Pressure Sensors designed for the harsh, cost competitive Automotive Market Applications.

TM Series          T Series


As a supplier of mechanical switches and pressure transducers to the market for over 20 years, Wasco’s experience is unmatched and our attention to detail is reflected in our excellent quality record. Wasco’s design team has taken the industry requirements and developed a solution to meet those needs.



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